On February 19, 2021, through official communication from the International Kendo Federation, a decision to cancel the 18th World Kendo Championships has been announced.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic and due to France withdrawing as host nation due to financial and facility issues, the FIK recently held an Extraordinary Board of Directors Meeting virtually, to confirm the votes of a resolution to cancel the 18th World Kendo Championships at the host country of France. 

The FIK Board of Directors will meet again to discuss possible candidate host countries to host the 19th World Kendo Championships.

The CKF commends the ongoing efforts of the Team Canada Management and Coaching Team, and all the Team Prospects. This is a challenging time for the Kendo community, as most of us have not been able to practice together for nearly a year. We encourage you to continue to find new and innovative ways to come together, join in spirit, and continue polishing your skills. 

The official notice can be found on the FIK Website.