CKF Board of Directors Motions and Activities Report

Director's Report

On this page you will find reports of the major activities of the directors.

These are by no means the total of what is being done, and there are many ongoing projects. Please check out the news section on the front page of the website for more  events as they occur.
Date Type Motion
Dec 12Directors Meeting2010 Board of directors report is now available. Board of Directors Report.
Feb 7 Financial As part of our education and training program, the board granted special travel bursaries to 12 members from Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskachewan in order to assist them in attending the FIK Americas Zone Shimpan Seminar in Vancouver. 
Jan 24 Financial A limited number of travel bursaries has been established to encourage wider participation in the FIK Americas Zone Kendo Shimpan Seminar March 27 & 28, Vancouver BC Information has been emailed to eligible members.
Dec 8 Grading Shodan to nidan is now one year, in line with AJKF and FIK
Other changes made to grading guidelines.
Nov 11 Finance Mindy Choe appointed financial internal reviewer, duties to include review of the annual financial report.
Director's meeting
Oct 30 Transition Reception of materials from retiring executive. 
Oct 30 Open Projects Discussion and identification of ongoing projects.
Oct 30 Direction Discussion of future directions for the CKF
Oct 30 Thanks Okusa sensei moves that the directors thank the retiring Executive, President Roy Asa, Treasurer Gary Nakashima and Secretary Stephen Cruise, for their long, dedicated and beneficial efforts on behalf of the CKF. From their efforts it is expected that the CKF will move forward and continue to grow. The motion is unanimously accepted
Oct 30 New Director Motion: that Kiyoshi Hao be elected as a new director, effective immediately. The motion is passed.
Oct 31 Secretary Motion: Kim Taylor as secretary. Passed 
Oct 31 Second VP Motion: That we add a second VP from the East and that Christian D'Orangeville be elected to this position. passed.
Oct 31 Online Payment System Eduardo Cigliutti gave a presentation on the online payment and grading system. Discussion on controls that could be put in place to allow sensei/student discussion before applying for gradings.
Oct 31 WKC Bryan Asa gave a presentation on the WKC for 2009 and recommendations for the future.
Oct 31 Online financial report system John Maisonneuve gave a demonstration of the online financial reporting system for the directors.
Oct 31 Thanks Okusa s. thanks the Team Canada officials and team on behalf of the board for their excellent efforts and hard work at the WKC.
Oct 31 Team Canada Motion: that a Team Canada Committee be created with Ray Murao, Kiyoshi Hao and Christian D'Orangeville. This committee is to begin the selection process for a team coach and manager immediately and to give a timeline to the board for such other activities such as a team fundraising program. Passed
Oct 31 Finance Motion: that the Financial Committee be continued with John Maisonneuve, Pam Morgan, Gary Nakashima, Eduardo Cigliutti and Natan Cheifetz. passed.
Oct 31 Internal Review The treasurer will ensure that an internal review system will be created with an independent, internal inspector who will review the year end financial report after it is produced.
Oct 31 Grading Committees
  • The grading structure was discussed and it was noted that Okusa s. had consulted with Tsumura s. (Chief Examiner) who advised that three Chief Examiners be created, one for each of the existing arts in the CKF, specifically one each for kendo, iaido and jodo. This Chief Examiner would be responsible for the grading of 6 and 7 dan candidates. Further, a western and an eastern examiner should be created with responsiblity for gradings up to 5 dan in the respective regions.
  • The board notes that a name change from "Central Grading Committee" to "National Grading Committee" would be appropriate to emphasize the nature of this committee as a non-geographic national entity.
  • Motion: that this system be adopted with the following members:
  • Kendo chief examiner: Tsumura s. Kendo western examiner: Ray Murao Kendo eastern examiner to be determined on consultation with Tsumura s.
  • Iaido chief examiner: Ohmi s. western examiner: Asaoka s. eastern examiner: Stephen Cruise.
  • Jodo chief examiner: Kim Taylor. No East and west examiners to be named.
  • These terms are until the general meeting in 2011. 
  • Passed.
Oct 31 Finance Motion: that a budget and event committee be constituted with John Maisonneuve, Hiro Okusa, Ray Murao and Tom Yamashita to set up a budget from the present to 2011. This was accepted. Taguchi sensei was later added as chair of this committee.
Oct 31 Meetings Motion: that we hold annual director's meetings. Passed.
Nov 1 Committees Motion: we form a committee to gather information on the history of the CKF with the aim of producing a book. Members to include Professor Wakabayashi, Christian D'Orangeville, Hiro Okusa, and Roy Asa. passed.
Nov 1 Forms Received and Reviewed
  • Dojo Application form
  • BCKF activities report
  • Development fund requests
  • America Zone Shimpan seminar
  • Grading Protocol Guide
  • CKF business cards for directors
  • WKC report
Nov 1 Finance Financial committees for the CKF in general and for Team Canada will come under the Budget and Events committee.
Nov 1 administration
  • A CKF event calendar will be added to the website
  • Meeting reports will be added to the website
  • A list of motions and an action list will be created for the directors.
Nov 1 Thanks Motion: that we pay the airfare for Roy Asa to attend several regional thank you events to reflect his 30 years of service as CKF president.  passed.
Nov 1 Meetings Next Directors meeting to be held in Vancouver in the fall of 2010
Nov 2 Grading committees Christian D'Orangeville is named Kendo Eastern Examiner.
Nov 2 Directors Claude Brisson has resigned as a director due to business reasons. Okusa sensei thanks him for his services to the CKF and the board.
Nov 4 Directors Fran├žois St-Germain is elected to the board to replace Claude Brisson. 

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