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2011 CKF President's New Year Message

Year of the Hare by Stephen Cruise
Year of the Hare by Stephen Cruise

Jan.1  2011

A Happy New Year to all CKF Members in the Year of the Hare!
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank you for supporting all the CKF events in the last year.  We ask you to read the Activities and Director’s Meeting Summary that has been posted on the CKF website.

This Year

On July 1st 2011, we will have a General Meeting and on the next day, July 2nd, the 17th Canadian Kendo Championship will be held in Greater Vancouver.  I would like to ask all members across Canada to get together at this time, since they are only held once every three years.

It is also time to establish Team Canada members for 2012. I would like to encourage prospective team members to continue working hard in practice to strengthen their skills. The team will participate the 15th World Kendo Championship in Novara (near Milano), Italy in 2012. I hope that many Kenshi and their family members have the opportunity to attend. I believe it will be a great opportunity to cheer on the participants and also to sight-see!

CKF History Book

Kendo at an internment camp in Moose Jaw Sask 1946

 This past year, we have started gathering historic Canadian Kendo documents and pictures.

The picture shown above is an image of kendo practice at an interment camp post-World War II.  This picture was taken in 1946 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The war ended in 1945 but many Japanese-Canadians were still held in the camps.  The people in this camp were moved after the camp in Angler, Ontario closed.  In the written record, there were four locations where kendo was practiced in the interment camps.

According to multiple sources, kendo in Canada started over 100 years ago.  The History Book Committee’s job is to collect past records before we lose them completely.  Please let me know if you have any old records pertaining to kendo in Canada – this would be much appreciated.

Asa Sensei Koro-sho and Kyoshi

Asa Sensei Koro-sho award from ZNKR

It is with much pleasure that I announce to the membership that our past President of many years, Mr. Roy Asa has been awarded with a Koro-sho by the ZNKR/FIK as well as with his Kyoshi shogo from the CKF. These awards are in recognition of his efforts on behalf of kendo in Canada and internationally. Please join me in expressing appreciation for Asa sensei's efforts.

Liability Insurance

As you are already aware, the CKF established liability insurance at the end of last year.  I believe it is very beneficial to small clubs and for all members overall.


We have raised our membership and grading fees for 2011 due to items I have mentioned earlier and simple inflation. Although the CKF has not raised them for several years, we feel this is necessary due to the current budget.  Regardless, these fees will be within reason and comparable to FIK member country rates.

Our financial system

As for the financial system, with the help of our excellent Treasurer, John Msaisonnue, we established a very prompt payment system and our online registration system works very efficiently to collect fees.  Again, we would like to thank all of you for your cooperation with this initiative. We also introduced an internal reviewer from last year.  This will make CKF accounts more transparent to members.

Reviewing CKF by-laws

Please note that we have started a review of our bylaws to bring them up to date.

This year Mr Morito Tsumura will step down as Chair of the Central (National) Grading Committee and will be replaced by Shigetaka Kamata sensei. On behalf of the membership I would like to thank Tsumura sensei for his many years of dedicated service as Chair.


We are fortunate to have very devoted instructors as they are always ready to go and teach at seminars in remote areas.  If interested, please organize a group to get further instruction and apply to the Development Fund.

We should be proud of the CKF’s achievement for this art.  For years, our section has been the best established on the North &South American continent.  You will have a good chance to learn this art by participating in the Guelph Iaido & Jodo Seminar in the spring and we have jodo instructors who are willing to travel as well. Again, please organize a group to get further instruction and apply to the Development Fund.

If time allows, please look into these arts as well as kendo to learn in tandem with the art you are training now.

Board of Directors Change

Mr. Tom Yamashita has retired from the Board and has been replaced by Neil Gendzwill. We welcome Neil to this position.

Regional kendo federations and CKF

CKF will continue to seek strong relationships with Provincial and regional kendo federations such as BCKF and OKF.  We also encourage local/regional kendo groups in Quebec, the Atlantic and the Prairies to form regional federations as well.  With the use of the Development Fund, we are planning to support more seminars to promote our disciplines, especially in more remote and underdeveloped areas. Needless to say, this policy applies to Iaido and Jodo as well.

The Year of the Junior

The future of the CKF depends on our beginners so I would like to declare 2011 the year of the Junior in the CKF. We need to grow the number of juniors registered and practicing, if your dojo has any events planned for recruitment of kids let us know, there are funds available to help.

Thank you again for all of your contributions to the CKF in 2010. Looking forward to working with you all in 2011.

Sincerely yours,

Hiro Okusa
President, Canadian Kendo Federation

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