As our experiences mount with a year like no other, may we extend our thoughts to you, family and those close for wellness and safe-being all around.

Our sincere thanks to all who were able to join with us for the CKF Iaido ZNKR Seitei Zoom Seminar held Saturday, April 17, 2021. It was well attended with over 100 participants from all across Canada including those from the US, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Europe and Japan. And a special note of thanks for the many who practiced without a dojo to go to and made due within their homes etc. – truly most appreciative of your dedication and commitment.

This zoom seminar was open to beginners and 1K to 5 Dan. Instruction was conducted by our CKF 6 Dan Sensei, Ohmi Sensei and myself. Each division was assigned a breakout room and each hour the appointed instructors rotated. I am most grateful to our qualified sensei who worked together to offer the best teaching experience for everyone.

As much as time was limited, one hopes that you were able to take away a renewed perspective and understanding of the fundamentals of the 12 ZNKR Seitei waza and apply it to your keiko today.

Wish to express my gratitude to all of our instructors: Goyo Ohmi, Tomoko Amgwerd-Suzuki, Carole Galligan, Eric Tribe, Ed Chart, Michael Hodge, Tracy Sheppard and Jim Wilson. And special thanks to Ron Mattie, with assistance from Mathew Romaschin for their time and dedication enabling our zoom assembly.

On behalf of all of us, a special recognition to Christian D’Orangeville Sensei, President of the Canadian Kendo Federation who continues to show his support for the art of the sword. May this occasion be another moment to reach across Canada and beyond our borders to share our mutual engagement and acknowledge the dedication to the art we practice.

The web seminar was unknown to us such a short time ago and yet we have now experienced how it can act as a window to assist and strengthen our community. With dojos able to open within weeks/ months, may the use of this platform provide us with an alternative means of advancing our insights into our own practice.

After our last zoom session when we gathered together to practice, Tomoko Amgwerd-Suzuki Sensei gave us a name for our collective dojo (an idea that first came from Anderson Sensei in NB). She has presented us with – Dōshin Kyōryoku … translation: unite your hearts/cooperate with each other/work together as one.

Let’s imagine our next opportunity (soon) when we will see each other again,

Stephen Cruise