IAIDO: The Art of Drawing the Sword

It has been said that a battle of swords is a battle of character. When competing in Iaido, you are comparing spirit, strength and ability through depth of practice.

CKF Iaido Examiners

As of 2014

Chief Examiner

Goyo Ohmi
(Kyoshi 7 DAN)

West Examiner

Mitsuru Asaoka
(Renshi 7 DAN)

East Examiner

Stephen Cruise
(Renshi 7 DAN)

History of Iaido in the Canadian Kendo Federation

First official grading held in 1991

The study of Iaido in Canada through the CKF is a relatively new activity (20-30 years). Scattered groups of practitioners could be found all over Canada practicing their art, but it was not until 1991, during the World Kendo Tournament was the first official CKF Iaido grading held. Since then, the popularity of Iaido has expanded from 30 to over 300 practitioners nationwide.

Why study Iaido?

Benefits of Iaido practice in Canada

The art of Iaido (pronounced ee-i-do) is elegant and would appear to be simple. The student sits or stands quietly, draws out a blade and cuts through the air all in one motion, then puts the sword back into the scabbard. To the casual observer, there is not a lot to see. Iaido, however, is an exacting art which demands a high level of focus and mental concentration. It is an art of precise motions with only centimeters of tolerance and split second timing. It is also an individual art that involves the student and the sword struggling to achieve perfection of form.

CKF Iaido Instructors ( 30 )

  • Kyoshi 7 DAN
  • Goyo Ohmi
  • Renshi 7 DAN
  • Kim Taylor
  • Mitsuru Asaoka
  • Stephen Cruise
  • Takeshi Kimeda
  • Renshi 6 DAN
  • David Williams
  • David Green
  • Sandra Jorgenson
  • Carole Galligan
  • Eric Tribe
  • Ed Chart
  • Tomoko Amgwerd
  • 5 DAN
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Santoso Hanitijo
  • Robert Miller
  • Enore Gardonio
  • Peter Schramek
  • Tim Wakefield
  • Patrice Williams
  • Natan Cheifetz
  • Motoki Asaoka
  • Tracy Sheppard
  • Mary Margaret Heron
  • Doug Martin
  • Jim Wilson
  • Michael Gan
  • Karen Kentridge
  • Judith Farncombe
  • Dean Jolly
  • Jeremy Brett
  • Michael Hodge
  • Hiro Okusa
  • Bruce Meecham

CKF Iaido Development Fund

The CKF development fund has been revised to fund Iaido and Jodo separately from Kendo. The revised application form is available here:
Application Form - EN (.doc)
Application Form - FR (.doc)
Accounting Form - EN/FR (.xls)

Submit completed Iaido applications to Hanna Ikeda-Suen, and Jodo applications to Chris Jarvie.