Online Membership Registration

The Canadian Kendo Federation has an electronic registration system. Dojos affiliated with the CKF will not longer have to submit membership registration information or fees to the CKF for their individual members. Every CKF member, regardless where he/she practices, has to register on-line and every member will be responsible for paying their own membership fees.

Each Dojo affiliated with the CKF will be responsible for paying the Dojo Fees ONLY.

At this point, you can register, the registration process is fairly simple and requires 2 basic steps.

  • Complete and submit the form (an automatic email will be sent to you)
  • Open the email and follow the instructions

At registration, you will be prompted to enter your current rank for the discipline or disciplines that you practice. Please notice that you will be able to enter your ranking information ONLY ONCE; subsequent ranking changes will be handled directly by the CKF. Upon submitting the form, an automatic email is sent back to you. That email has 4 pieces of information as follows:

  1. Unique Member ID Number 
  2. Login Name (which is your email address)
  3. Password (it is recommended that you change it later) 
  4. A link to the login page 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep that information in a safe place, particularly the Member ID number. 

After this, you will be able to navigate through your own profile and you will be able to change some information like your address or phone number. You will also be able to change your password (RECOMMENDED)

Follow the "New Member Registration" link at right to proceed to the online system.

Membership Fees

  • $ 50.00 / year

  • $ 15.00 / year

  • $125.00 / year
  • Regular (Age 16 and over)

  • Junior (Age 15 and under)

  • Club Membership

Online Registration System Access

Process Generic Payments

The following link provides a payment page to process payments to the CKF that are NOT for gradings, or memberships. For example, shogo certificate fees, out of country seminar fees etc. Generic Payment Page

Membership / Grading News

January 2011 : Improvements have been made to the electronic registration system. Changes are explained in these documents English (.pdf) Fran├žais (.pdf)

February 2010 : Changes to electronic registration system. Changes are explained in this (.pdf) document

In order for members to plan their year, here is a list of the usual grading times in the CKF. Please note that these times do change once in a while, and that not all grade levels are tested at all gradings. Those gradings listed as "major" are the ones which will usually include a central grading of 6dan and above.

Early March: Saskatoon, SK
June: Richmond, BC
June (after Quebec Open): Montreal, QC
Late November (after JCCC): Toronto, ON (major)
Early December: Richmond (major)

June: Toronto
June: Richmond
Early December: Richmond (major)
Early December: Etobicoke, ON (major)

May long weekend: Guelph, ON (major)
Mid August: Vancouver
Early December: Etobicoke