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Your financial support of the CKF goes directly to fund programs including the Canadian National Kendo Championships, Team Canada, and local events that foster the growth of Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo. We thank you for any support or contribution to the CKF.

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The Canadian Kendo Federation is a registered not-for-profit organization and has been a National Amateur Athletic Association for over 25 years. The CKF oversees the three disciplines of Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo and endeavours to nurture the growth of these amateur martial arts across Canada.  Kendo is practiced by young and old students together, defining a community that crosses generations and cultures.

Today, more than ever, we recognize a place and a need for the martial spirit — to be calm in the face of stress; and to have the physical and mental strength to do good for our communities. Whether it’s confronting business challenges in the boardroom or competing with other elite athletes at the World Kendo Championships, instructors and practitioners actively promote these values inherent in the human spirit.

When you support the CKF, you are helping to bring the teaching of martial arts and cultural pride, to our diverse members across Canada. Every dollar you donate goes toward developing our instructors, athletes, and the next generation of leaders. All donations to the CKF are tax deductible for the year the donation is made, and a tax deductible receipt will be provided to all donors.

Contact the Canadian Kendo Federation for sponsorship opportunities.

Kendo Canda Resources:

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wu

A Word of Thanks to Our Donors in 2021

The CKF Board extends its gratitude to the following donors. We are so grateful for your generosity and for believing in the importance of Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo in our lives. The COVID 19 pandemic brought kendo to a standstill in 2020, and we continue to face challenges of returning to full capacity. We thank all the dojo instructors and leaders in our community who have stepped up to bring up our spirits and keep us motivated to continue striving for excellence. Your donation during our drive will help ensure we continue growing and plan for more on in-person events and tournaments in the months to come. 

Your financial contribution ensures the CKF can continue to fulfill its mission to foster the growth and maintain the traditions of our three arts. 

The Board wishes to recognize and extend our gratitude to our major donors during our end-of year drive:

Michael Underwood and Alex Ng

Donors from September 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Julio Kenji Toida
Kevin Buckham
Dean Ara
Stephen Quinlan
David Johnson
Makiko Ara
David Seto
Dave Westhead
Juneko Kurahashi
Hiro Okusa

William Leong
Lou Piccioni
Eun Seob Lee
David Mallet
Joanna Asare
David Burke
Jean-Pierre Angers
James Barr
James Cogill
Sang Hoon Lee
IDGV Inc. – Hyun June Choi
Motoko Miyamoto
John Maisonneuve
Michael Jacobson
John Chu
Andrew Asa
Renellyn Talabucon
Sonia Hampson
Steven Penner
Joyce Lin
Thomas Yamashita
Simon Conlin
Simon Conlin
Walter White
Neil Gendzwill

How You Can Support the CKF

Donate to the Development Fund

The CKF is committed to developing Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo across Canada. Individual CKF members, dojos, and regional organizations have access to Development Funds in order to foster the growth of the martial arts and the development of individuals. Your donations will help to support these ventures and develop a strong base now and into the future. The Development Fund is allocated to the following areas:

  • Team Canada / World Kendo Championship
  • Kendo Development Fund
  • Iaido Development Fund
  • Jodo Development Fund

Donate to CKF General Operations A/C

The CKF Board of Directors works strictly on a volunteer basis for the betterment of Kendo in Canada. To ensure that the CKF can continue to provide its members with an enriching experience, we request your support through financial donations or with goods and services. Please contact a Board Member in order to find out how you can help, or simply reach out to us in the form below.

Donor and Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many ways you can support the CKF. Your donation or sponsorship of events or equipment goes a long way to support the development of athletes and cultural continuation of the long-honoured martial art of Kendo.
Please get in touch with us by completing the form here.

All donations to the CKF are tax deductible for the year the donation is made, and a tax deductible receipt will be provided to all donors.