The FIK America Zone Kendo Referee Seminar 2018 will be hosted by CKF in Montreal.

Place: Centre sportif ETS, 1111 Notre-Dame street West, Montreal, QC
Dates: February 10-11, 2016
Fees: bento $CDN16.50, banquet $CDN55 (no fees for seminar itself)
Rank: 4 Dan and above (3 dan and under may participate as shiai-sha)
CKF Registration deadline: November 25

Please find all the details in either the English Invitation or the Japanese Invitation. Please note that although the invitation says to apply to FIK, we need to apply as a federation. See below for registration instructions.

Registration: Please register as a club. Download this spreadsheet, fill it out for each attending member and return it to Akane D’Orangeville no later than November 25.

Payment: Please pay bento and/or banquet fees for each person through this link. No other fees are required.

For applicants 5 dan and above, there will be a travel subsidy as follows:
Under 200 km distance, no compensation
200+ km distance, $20/100km distance (rounded down) one-way
500+ km distance, $20/100km OR 75% of airfare rounded down to the nearest $50
Please submit either your city of residence (for driving subsidy) or your airline ticket receipt no later than January 31 to CKF Treasurer John Maisonneuve in order to receive this subsidy.

Please do not hesitate to contact Akane D’Orangeville if you have any questions.