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Back Dues Policy

Former CKF members who wish to rejoin shall be required to pay the current year’s dues plus back dues. Normally, the back dues owed shall be for all unpaid years since last registered, or the number of years waiting period to the next rank,  whichever is the lesser. For example, a yondan person applying to join in 2013 who was last a member in 2010 owes 2013 dues plus two years back dues. If last a member in 2008 or earlier, 2013 dues are owed plus four years’ back dues. This payment should be enforced automatically by the website software.

Former members who have not been practicing for a long time need only pay the current years dues when rejoining. In this case, the person must apply to the Treasurer and the Secretary requesting an exception. Members who rejoin in this manner have grading eligibility calculated starting from the date they rejoin. In other words, it is the same as if they passed their last rank on the rejoin date.

Former members who are rejoining CKF after practicing in a foreign country need only pay the current years dues, plus a registration fee for the last rank achieved (if any) in the foreign federation. In this case, the person must apply to the Treasurer and the Secretary and provide proof of membership in the foreign federation. Grading eligibility shall be calculated from the date of last rank, either Canadian or foreign.

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