Junior Kendo Championships - Results

May 17 - 19, 2024 | Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
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3rd Canadian National Junior Kendo Championships

May 17 – 19, 2024 | Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

The third annual Canadian National Junior Kendo Championships were held in Burnaby, BC, celebrating the skill and dedication of young kendo athletes aged 18 and under. The event saw over 90 participants from 14 clubs from across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario compete in a spirited display of skill and sportsmanship.

The Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF) extends its deepest gratitude to the Organizing Committee, led by Executive Sponsor Makiko Ara, and supported by the clubs of the British Columbia Kendo Federation. The dedication and hard work of the many volunteers, who invested their time and resources in the months leading up to the event, were instrumental in its success. We also wish to express our sincere thanks to the numerous corporate sponsors and private donors whose generous contributions helped make this championship a memorable and successful event.

Canadian National Junior Kendo Championships
2 competitors striking men simultaneously

Participating Clubs by Province



  • Chinook Kendo Dojo
  • Edmonton Kendo Club
  • Strathcona Kendo Club
  • Sturgeon Kendo Club

British Columbia

  • Renbu Dojo
  • Steveston Kendo Club
  • Tozenji Kendo Club
  • University of Victoria Kendo Club
  • University of British Columbia Kendo Club
  • Vancouver Kendo Dojo
  • Youshinkan Dojo


  • Etobicoke Kendo Club
  • JCCC Kendo Club
  • Renshin Kendo Club
  • Toronto Kendo Club

2024 Canadian National Junior Kendo Championships

  Official Tournament Results

U11 Individuals

Champion: S. Tango (Yoshinkan Kendo Dojo, BC)

2nd: Y. Kobayashi (Yoshinkan Kendo Dojo, BC)

3rd: N. Dalek (Toronto Kendo Club, Ontario)

3rd: H. Bae (Steveston Kendo Club, BC)

U11 Individual Medalists

U12 Individuals

Champion: S. Kobayashi (Yoshinkan Kendo Dojo, BC)

2nd: R. Sun (Sturgeon Kendo Dojo, Alberta)

3rd: R. Islam (Strathcona Kendo Club, Alberta)

3rd: T. Shirai (Yoshinkan Kendo Dojo, BC)

U12 Individual Medalists

U14 Individuals

Champion: S. Ara (Renbu Dojo, BC)

2nd: R. Liao (Renbu Dojo, BC)

3rd: S. Harada (Renbu Dojo, BC)

3rd: J. Hwang (Chinook Kendo Dojo, Alberta)

U14 Individual Medalists

U16 Boys Individuals

Champion: K. Yoshimura (Renbu Dojo, BC)

2nd: M. Shirai (Yoshinkan Dojo, BC)

3rd: C. Thanasuwanditee (JCCC, ON)

3rd: R. Harada (Toronto Kendo Club, ON)

U16 Boys Individual Medalists

U16 Girls Individuals

Champion: H. Ara (Renbu Dojo, BC)

2nd: L. Hoysak (Etobicoke Kendo Dojo, Ontario)

3rd: R. Bae (Chinook Kendo Dojo, Alberta)

3rd: Ak. Kobayashi (Yoshinkan Kendo Dojo, BC)

U16 Girls Medalists

U19 Boys Individuals

Champion: C. Liao (Renbu Dojo, BC)

2nd: N. Son (Renbu Dojo, BC)

3rd: I. Hwang (Renbu Dojo, BC)

3rd: K. Yoshimura (Renbu Dojo, BC)

U19 Boys Medalists

U19 Girls Individuals

Champion: U. Tanaka (University of British Columba, BC)

2nd: F. Huang (University of Victoria Kendo Club, BC)

3rd: S. Kanda (Chinook Kendo Dojo, Ontario)

3rd: E. Chui (Steveston Kendo Club, BC)

U19 Girls Individuals

U19 Girls Medalists

Junior Youth Club Team (U14)

Champion: Renbu Dojo Team A

2nd: Mixed Team C

3rd: Yoshinkan Kendo Dojo Team A

3rd: Steveston Kendo Club Team A

Senior Youth Girls Club Team (U19)

Champion: Mixed Team B

2nd: Chinook Kendo Dojo

3rd: Tozenji Kendo Club

3rd: Steveston Kendo Club

Senior Youth Boys Club (U19)

Champion: Renbu Kendo Dojo Team A

2nd: Renbu Kendo Dojo Team B

3rd: Steveston Kendo Club Team A

3rd: Steveston Kendo Club Team B

Provincial Teams

Champion: Team BC

N. Son, K. Yoshimura, C. Liao, I. Hwang, K. Yoshimura

2nd: Team Ontario

D. Thana, R. Harada, L. Lee, F. Ivanovski, T. Miyamoto

3rd: Team Alberta

T. Bowen, R. Voight, R. Li, J. Hwang, Y. Kim

Girl’s Provincial Teams

Champion: Team BC
A. Kobayashi, E. Chui, U. Tanaka

2nd: Team Ontario

S. Lee, R. Harada, L. Hoysak

3rd: Team Alberta

S. Kanda, R. Macdonald, R. Bae

Fighting Spirit 

Under 11 – H. Bae (Steveston Kendo Club, BC)

Under 12 – S. Lee (Renbu Dojo, BC)

Under 14 – C. Bybordi (JCCC, ON)

Under 16 Girls – A. Kobayashi (Tozenji, BC)

Under 16 Boys – A. Ryan (Etobicoke, ON)

Under 19 Girls – R. Macdonald (Chinook Kendo Dojo, AB)

Under 19 Boys – D. Buckham (University of Victoria Kendo Club, BC)

Junior Youth Club – J. Ueda (Chinook Kendo Dojo, AB)

Senior Youth Girls Club – H. Ara (Renbu Dojo, BC)

Senior Youth Boys Club – L. Su (Renbu Dojo, BC)

Youth Girls Provincial – L. Hoysak (Etobicoke Kendo Club, ON)

Youth Open Provincial – T. Bowen (Sturgeon Kendo Club, AB)



Referees and Officials

Head Referee (Shinpan Cho):
Ray Murao, 7 Dan Kyoshi, BC

Court A Head Referee (Court Shunin):
Suguru Asaoka, 7 Dan, Kyoshi, BC

Court B Head Referee (Court Shunin):
Dean Ara, 7 Dan Kyoshi, BC

Court C Head Referee (Court Shunin):
Daisaku Taguchi, 6 Dan Renshi, BC

Referees (Shinpan)

Hyun-June Choi, 7 Dan Kyoshi, ON

Akihito Awano, 7 Dan Kyoshi, BC

Takenori Nakamura, 7 Dan Renshi, BC

Koichi Miyamoto, 7 Dan Renshi, ON

Makiko Ara, 7 Dan Renshi, BC

Ryo Yasamura, 6 Dan Renshi, ON

Terry Kondo, 6 Dan, BC

Hiroaki Yano, 6 Dan, BC

Flora Chan, 6 Dan, AB

Wendy Robillard, 5 Dan, BC

Grant Ohara, 5 Dan, BC

Victor Nishi, 5 Dan, BC

Minako Gardner, 5 Dan, BC

Juneko Kurahashi, 5 Dan, BC

Rogerio Asato, 5 Dan, BC

Suk Hyun Jung, 5 Dan, BC

Tsuyoshi Hamanaka, 5 Dan, BC

Stephen Hladky, 5 Dan, AB

Sung Jun Son, 5 Dan, BC

Neal Nakano, 4 Dan, BC

Joon Young Suk, 4 Dan, BC

Filip Ivanovski, 4 Dan, ON


Trophies from CNJKC and participants in back

Sponsors and Donors

We extend our sincerest appreciation to all the sponsors who have generously supported the Third Canadian Junior National Kendo Tournament. Bridex CPA, Community Insurance, Little Mountain Dental Centre, Greenline Landscaping, Bogushop, TPM, Scienced Athletics, Acrosstown Realty, Budogu Zen, Freshpoint, Body Project, Bogu Master, Electronic Arts, North Burnaby Physiotherapy, The Plant Based Workshop, and Bamboo Ken – your contributions have been invaluable.

From financial support to providing essential services, each sponsor has played a crucial role in ensuring the success of our event. Special thanks to Community Insurance for sponsoring our tournament T-shirts, Freshpoint for providing fresh fruits. Additionally, we thank Electronic Arts for their game donation, and North Burnaby for sponsoring a gift card for the raffle during the Saturday night social event.

To all our donors: Your generosity has not only enriched the experience for our young athletes but has also helped promote the spirit of kendo within our community. We are immensely grateful for your support and commitment to our cause.

This tournament was organized by the clubs of the British Columbia Kendo Federation. 

Event Overview

Day 1: May 17, 2024

19:00 – 20:30 at SFU Lorne Davies Complex

Godo keiko for participating athletes was led by 2024 Team Canada Players, Shingo Nichols and Yuka Kamiya. While athletes were prepared for the next day’s competition, the shimpan (referees) met for an orientation meeting on site. 

Day 2: May 18, 2024

08:00 – 09:00 Competition day begins

Individual warmups underway.

09:00 Opening Ceremonies

The opening ceremony kicked off with an exhilarating procession of athletes, set to classic pump-up rock music and amplified by dramatic smoke effects, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Dean Ara Sensei captivated the audience with his dynamic MC skills, adding to the excitement of the event.

09:15 Opening Ceremonies

Russ Grey from the Renfrew Kendo Club delivered a live performance of the national anthem, and the Head Table was introduced. Speeches were presented by CKF Vice President, Makiko Ara; and CKF President, Hyun-June Choi. 

The champions from last year returned their trophies to the CKF President, Hyun-June Choi. Kenta Yoshimura from Renbu Kendo Dojo delivered the Athlete’s Pledge, officially marking the start of the Championships.

The 9 forms of the Bokuto Ni Yoru Kihon Waza Keiko Ho were performed by Akari Kobayashi and Masaaki Shirai from Youshinkan Kendo Dojo; and Myles Lin and Regis Kao of Steveston Kendo Club.

10:00 – 12:00 Individual Competitions

Spirited matches for U10, U12, U14, U16 Girls, U16 Boys, U19 Girls, and U19 Boys were held in the morning. Here are some photos of our individual champions taken by Kendo Photograhy’s Tero Patana. Find more photos from the event on the Kendo Photography Facebook Page

14:00 – 17:00 Team Competitions

The afternoon Team competion for U16 Club Team, U19 Girls Club Team, U19 Boys Club Team. Some photos of the competition here. Find more photos from the event on the Kendo Photography Facebook Page.

Club Team Competition

Club teams from many dojos competed across the junior youth, senior youth girls, and senior youth boys divisions.

Provincial Team Competiton

Provincial Team competitions consisted of three and five-person teams made up of select provincial players. Three provincial teams competed for the championships with Team BC taking home the championship. This year marked the first of the provincial girls youth team.

17:00 – 18:00 Award Ceremonies

Presented by our honoured guests, the top participants in each division received awards.


Junior Nationals  Social Hosted by CKF

The CKF hosted an exciting and lively bowling social that truly hit a strike with everyone! Athletes had a blast competing for awesome prizes with kendo bingo, taking their dojo rivalries to the bowling lanes, and even getting a few shots in with foam shinai. The photobooth was a major hit, adding to the fun and capturing hilarious and memorable moments after a day full of intense kendo action.

Day 3: May 19, 2024

09:30 – 12:00 Junior Seminar Led by Dean Ara Sensei

The final event of the tournament was led by Dean Ara Sensei, National Team Coach, and supported by members of Team Canada 2024.

Organizing Committee

It is with great gratitude that we give recognition to the Organizing Committee of the Third Canadian National Junior Kendo Championships.

Makiko Ara, CKF Executive Sponsor

Seong-Cheol Son, Tournament Chairman

Tsuyoshi Hamanaka, Facilities

Akiko Fukushima, Tournament Matchups

Ellis Cheng, Volunteer and Setup

Jordan Scantlebury, Marketing and PR

Nina Inaoka Lee, Social Event

Wendy Robillard, Trophies

Ushio Taguchi, Registration

Shingo Nicols, Food and Catering

Jay Harada, Program and Signage