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Team Canada Iaido

The Canadian Kendo Federation manages and sponsors the development of amateur athletes across Canada under the Team Canada program. Team Canada is always evolving — a unique delegation is selected for each recognized event.

Since team’s are build specifically for each event, there could be more than one team in existence at any point in time. Keep in mind that the criteria and procedures for selecting members are still being developed and revised, and will continue to evolve as we learn more from sending teams to events. 

[See the official Team Canada Iaido website for more details, and connect with us on Facebook]


Photo courtesy of Nancy James

Team Canada History

The Team Canada Iaido program was developed as a result of the successful promotion and excitement garnered from the 2018 Pan-American Iaido Goodwill Taikai. Since then, multiple teams have been selected and are being showcased all over the world

Year Championships Hosting Country Category Medal Finish
2020 East Coast New York, USA Individual; Mixed Teams Gold x 1; Silver x 1; FS x 1
2019 East Coast New York, USA Goodwill Silver x 1; FS x 1
2019 Asia Oceanic Hong Kong, China Individual Bronze x 1; FS x 1
2019 East Coast New York, USA Individual Gold x 2; Bronze x 3; FS x 3
2018 Pan-American Toronto, Canada National Team Silver x 1

*FS = Fighting Spirit


On December 2, 2018, the inaugural Pan-American Iaido “Goodwill” Taikai was held in conjunction with the North American Iaido Partnership Grading in Toronto, Ontario. Teams from Canada, USA, Chile, and Mexico competed in National and Goodwill brackets.

Team Canada earned 2nd place in the National bracket, and a mixed team of Canada, Chile, and Mexico earned 1st place in the Goodwill tournamen