The CKF hosted the FIK America Zone Referee Seminar January 25-26 in Burnaby, BC. With 103 participants from the US, Brazil, and across Canada, it was a wonderful opportunity for kendo practitioners from across the Americas to come together and hone their refereeing skills.

Thank you to the three Hanshi 8 Dan instructors from Japan, Ota Sensei, Kakehashi Sensei, and Miyake Sensei for putting on a highly educational and enlightening seminar.

We were also honoured to host 6 Japan Team prospects: Mr. Raita Murakami, Mr. Shinji Abematsu, Mr. Hiroyuki Sanada, Mr. Yosuke Muramatsu, Miss Minori Sato, and Miss Kaoruko Fujisaki. They showed us such speed and skill as practice shiaisha for shinpan training. They all have bright futures ahead of them and we wish them all good luck.

A special thanks also goes out to Team Canda prospects and the members of the PNKF for coming out to be practice shiaisha as well. In addition, we thank Ota sensei from Japan, Tagawa sensei from the US, Labru sensei from France, and Kimura sensei from Canada who made up the evaluation panel.

Thank you to the local kendo community in BC for putting on a successful event. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their weekend to help at the seminar. We could not have done it without you.

2020 FIK America Zon Referee Seminar Participants