Team Canada Coaching and Management

The CKF Board of Directors is pleased to announce that they have selected Dean Ara as Team Canada Head Coach and David Westhead as General Manager. The board congratulates Ara-sensei and Westhead-sensei and wishes them the best of luck as they lead Team Canada towards the 2021 World Kendo Championships in Paris.

The Head Coach and Manager have recruited other kendo leaders to help in the coaching effort. The staff assignments so far are as follows:

David Westhead – General Manager
Dean Ara – Men’s and Women’s Head Coach
Hyo Sung Kim, Assistant Coach, East
Daisaku Taguchi, Assistant Coach, West

Shigemitsu Kamata, Associate Coach
Kyle Lee, Associate Coach
Shane Asa, Associate Coach
Makiko Ara, Associate Coach

Staffing roles and responsibilities will remain this way during the evaluation and formative period with further role delegation to follow.

Neil Gendzwill
CKF Secretary