Good luck to the 17 Junior Kenshi traveling to Belgium this week to compete at the Ko Jika International Junior Kendo Tournament in Ghent, Belgium on April 27th & 28th. This year the tournament hosts 203 participants from 9 countries and 31 different dojos! This is a record number of participants and the CKF is honoured to be a part of this tremendous event. The players and organizers would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their tremendous support.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Bogu Shop

Thank You to Our Donors

Sasha Angus
Dean Ara
Derek Barr
Christian D’Orangeville
Michelle Nielsen
Elliott Altilia

Winnipeg Kendo Federation
John Maisonneuve
Kyle Lee
Dang Quoc Bao
Marpole Oakridge Community Assoc
Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation

This is a list of donors for contributions and in-kind donations of $100 or more. Thank you to everyone who made a donation and supported our fundraising activities. A special thank you to the Steveston Kendo Club, JCCC Kendo Club, and UofT Kendo Club for allowing the Team to fundraise at their events.

Good Luck to All the Athletes!

We wish the best of luck to all the athletes competing this weekend.
Mathew Angus (10 yo)Univ. of Victoria Kendo Club, BC
Taketoshi Miyamoto (10 yo)Toronto Kendo Club, ON
Nathaniel Son (11 yo)Renbu Dojo, BC
Filip Ivanovski (11 yo)JCCC Kendo Club, ON
Isaac Hwang (11 yo)Renbu Dojo, BC
Emily Chui (12 yo)Steveston Kendo Club, BC
Hudon Lin (12 yo)JCCC Kendo Club, ON
Isaiah Son (13 yo)Renbu Dojo, BC
Daniel Chui (13 yo)Steveston Kendo Club, BC
Kaito Squance (14 yo)Renbu Dojo, BC
Julien Couturier (14 yo)JCCC Kendo Club, ON
Yura Kawabe-Schlegel (14 yo)Renbu Dojo, BC
Alistar Son (15 yo)Renbu Dojo, BC
Yona Kushima (16 yo)Toronto Kendo Club, ON
Kathy La (17 yo)Mississauga Kendo Club, ON
Taiga Ando (18 yo)Etobicoke Kendo & Iaido, ON
Elliott Chui (18 yo)Steveston Kendo Club, BC

Makiko Ara, Delegation Leader

Koichi Miyamoto, Delegation Coach