The TC coaches have made their decisions as to the preliminary team.The current list has 10 men and 9 ladies. The final team list (which willbe decided at the end of the year) will consist of 8 men and 8 ladies.

Preliminary TC Men (Last name alphabetical order)
1) Elliott Altilia
2) Tsuyoshi Hamanaka
3) Tuan Anh Hoang
4) Shigemitsu Kamata
5) Eiji Kita
6) Kyle Lee
7) Ryan Murao
8) Ryo Tamaru
9) Takashi Yamada
10) Eddie Yamashita

Preliminary TC Ladies (Last name alphabetical order)
1) Bora Choi
2) Aki Fukushima
3) Misato Hamanaka
4) Kyrene Kim
5) Juneko Kurahashi
6) Man-San Ma
7) Ayaka Sugiyama
8) Hanaca Yamada
9) Bree Yang

I would like to Thank all of the prospects for their efforts during the evaluationsand gasshukus and hope that all of you will continue to practice and pushour selected members harder.

Ray Murao
Team Canada Manager