Canadian Kendo Federation (a not-for-profit Athletic Federal Corporation) operates on membership fees and grading revenue received from our members. Your membership fees basically provide the necessary funding to operate and promote our Arts.
– We provide Liability Insurance Coverage upon request for our dojo(s). Our insurance coverage for many dojo(s) and events – especially when various events are held in community centres, universities, etc. that demand and require proof of insurance coverage. Our insurance cost doesn’t come cheap, one of our most costly operating expenses.
– We employ Stern Cohen, Certified Professional Accounting Firm, for our Annual Review of our financials and for filing our Annual Returns with the Canada Revenue Agency. Carters and Associates provide us with Legal services and advice.
– We are obligated and remit our annual dues to the International Kendo Federation (FIK).
– To ensure overall grading evaluation is maintained across Canada, we have judging sensei(s) from different parts of the country travel to make our gradings on a National level fair to all. Grading costs is a significant expense to the Federation.
– Every three years, we hold Canadian championships for Kendo and Iaido.
– We do offer travel stipends for senior members for specific events.

Canadian Kendo Federation directors and officers provide their time and efforts at no compensation. We are proud of our Federation and members who make up our Arts in Canada. Please continue to support the CKF thru timely payments of membership fees. Also, as a not-for-profit Federal Athletic Corporation, we provide Tax Donations Receipts for donations. Members can chose their contribution to go to: (Please specify your choice when making a PayPal remittance).
– General funds
– Team Canada Development Fund – Kendo Development Fund – Iaido – Jodo Development Fund

The financial statement for the fiscal year ending March, 2018 is now available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. I will be very pleased to answer any questions you may have.

John Maisonneuve
Treasurer / Director – Canadian Kendo Federation