[EAST] Fredericton Seminar & Exam / Sanctioned by the Iaido and Jodo Sections of the Canadian Kendo Federation, the Fredericton Higashikaze Iaido and Kendo Dojo invites you to attend a two-day Iaido and Jodo seminar on October 5-6, 2019 at the J.B. O’Keefe Fitness Centre, located at 51 Dineen Drive, Fredericton NB. For additional information and registration packages contact Bill Anderson at [email protected]

[CENTRAL] Peterborough Koryu (MJER) Seminar / The 8th Annual Peterborough Koryu Seminar will be hosted by Kenshokan Iaido on October 26-27. Ohmi-sensei, Taylor-sensei, and Galligan-sensei will be the instructors for two days of practice of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu iaido. Further information can be found at http://www.kenshokan.zendokan.ca/2019_seminar.htm

[USA] East Coast Iaido Seminar & Taikai / East Coast Iaido is pleased to let you know that this coming Autumn, Oshita Masakazu Sensei (Kyoshi 8-dan, MJER) will be visiting New York City on October 25-27. Please attend the seminar for some excellent training, including shinpan training, from one of the AJKF Iaido Championships shinpan-shunin. Registration is open here: http://shinken.cc/event/east-coast-iaido-seminar-oshita-sensei

[WEST] Vancouver Seminar / The Western Iaido Section of the Canadian Kendo Federation invites you to attend a three-day Iaido seminar with Yoshihasa Hasegawa from November 15-17 in Vancouver and Burnaby, British Columbia. Hasegawa-sensei is kyoshi hachidan, and his koryu is Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. For more information, see https://ckf.ticketspice.com/vancouver-seminar-nov-2019