There will be a kendo seminar and exam held in Winnipeg, MB September 27-29. Details of the seminar will be announced later. Registration for the exam is open. Remember to get proper authorization from your Sensei first, then ask the Dojo Administrator to unlock the grading application form for you. Please DO NOT wait until the last minute. If you have problems please contact CKF Secretary Neil Gendzwill. Information on qualifications, requirements and fees is available at the grading info page. Information on how to apply is available here.


Examinations will be from 1-Kyu to 3-Dan. Written exams are required from 1-Dan to 3-Dan.
Examens de 1er-Kyu à 3e-Dan à. Examens écrits de 1er-Dan à 3e-Dan.
Kendo Written Exam / Examen Ecrit Kendo
The written exam deadline is the same as the registration deadline.
Le formulaire doit être transmis avant la date limite d’inscription.

Eastern/Est du Canada:
Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba
180 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg, MB
DATE: September 29, 2019
DEADLINE/DATE LIMITE: September 15, 2019