Member Dojo Event:

Ka Muso Kai Calgary invites you to participate in a two-day Iaido and Jodo seminar online August 14 – 16, 2020 via Zoom.

Jodo kyu gradings will be offered to those Jodo Canada Members interested in challenging for rank on Sunday at 2:30 PM MDT.

We are honoured to have Goyo Ohmi sensei (7th Dan Kyoshi Iaido, 6th dan Kendo) and Kim Taylor sensei (Iaido 7 dan, Jodo 6 dan, Renshi) lead the seminar. Participants will receive instruction from the lead instructors and have the opportunity to train with assistant instructors in small breakout groups sorted by rank.

To offset the administrative costs of hosting a seminar with a grading component, we’re asking participants to make a $20 donation, or whatever amount you are comfortable with to help out.


*This event information is provided as a service to CKF member dojos. This event is not sanctioned or sponsored by the CKF.